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This was an absolute blast seeing this during the YouTube Premiere! It's the perfect mix of humor and creativity.

I am absolutely glad to be Petey-Pilled

Now this remake is a remarkable improvement! Absolutely love the personality displayed here, all the characters really shine with the expressive animation.

This is absolutely amazing, so much talent went into this and it was an absolute joy to find who worked on what scene.

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Ryan Silberman is one of the most neutral NG or hell even game creators I have seen, he has talent but the execution isn't always the best and this game really shows that.

Lore doesn't matter much here since this is short but I like Missileman and this story is cool.

Presentation-wise the game looks ok. I like the character sprites as simple as they are the other foreground sprites look fine as well the background and the parts with the ship look lazy though and don't fit aesthetically (being wonky for the former and have inconsistent pixel sizing for the latter). The music and SFX are generic but work for what we have here.

Gameplay is ok in this game as MissileMan controls really well and his mechanics work nicely. The problem is the other gimmicks. They are underdeveloped and really need more fleshing out. There is very little effort in teaching the player the mechanics so it's confusing at first especially the snow one. The Bubbles work well and are the best mechanics here but the hitboxes are a bit too precise as they tend to not work when bouncing off the side. The snow is a mechanic I missed at first and I thought you just took damage to get past, not helped by how much they blend in sometimes. The boomerang robots work well but there needs to be a better indication you can't damage them something like a different SFX or the bullets reflecting. The game is mostly glitchless outside of the first ship section having a platform you can stand on that you shouldn't. The biggest problem I have though is the length and how you have to start all over when you die. Making each section a short level or checkpoints would work better and make the game way less brutal.

Overall this game is a cute little adventure that has passion put in but lacks in areas like the rest of Ryan's freeware. It's worth a shot if you are tolerant of some middling choices but I wouldn't blame you if you rate it 0-2.5 stars. But hey it's at least better than Ryan's overpriced underdeveloped paid games lol (Those are only worth it if you like Ryan as a person and like his takes).

If the game had better presentation (Music and stuff like that) and there is a map to make things easier to find along with adding more mechanics. I can see this being great but for now it's mid.

(To elaborate on the radar thing it is hard to determine where the enemy is in terms of the y-axis and finding enemies when there's only a few is tedious)

KilledByAPixel responds:

Thanks! There is a radar on the bottom of the screen, what are you trying to find?

Grandma Pong but Mad Max

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This gives me huge Mario Paint vibes

Great reasons for leaving the site. DA has been dying for a while now but now that the more political leftists are leaving it is going to be the final nail in the coffin for the site (Even if the site survives its reputation has 100% dead now).

The only thing I disagree with is cancel culture being a myth. It just mostly depends on how much of a following you have. Jacob Lenard has a niche audience that has some SJWs in it and when they believed the trans thing his reputation was ruined due to the lack of supporters on his side. SML on the other hand may have a ruined reputation but thanks to the number of kids that watch him he still survives to this day. Of course, this isn't the only way cancel culture can be avoided (Spoctor almost had his reputation ruined until Ponder proved the accusations wrong) but the main reason cancelations are stopped is because of dedicated fans of the creator.

Sorry for that mouthful but I had to say it. Other than that thing. Good reasons.

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Man, I can't believe it has been a year already, it feels like yesterday when I got the game at launch and P Ranked all of it.

The "Spooky, Scary Skeletons" song would fit perfectly for the fight

Great Art as well!

Avis1 responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah skeletons are the quintessential bad guy

Lumspark getting into pixel art? Based!

Funny man with OCs 2 draw
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